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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hello to the World~!!!

Greetings to India, Korea, Western and Eastern USA, Australia, Greece, Central African Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait and New Zealand!!

Since I visited Sarah's blog, I'd learnt to add a gadget called the 'ClustrMap' which records the visitors from the parts of the world. So far, there had been nearly 80 visitors since this was created, from 10 different countries!!!

I had known, and learnt that the Internet is a powerful tool to expose oneself to the globe, but this is real experience of what I have heard and learnt. This is AMAZING!!!I am also aware that some people make living out of blogging... I'm still not convinced that this is true but one day, I hope to experience some financial benefit as well.

This 'e-Learning in Practice' paper had certainly opened up my eyes to a whole new world of 'Web 2.0'. It was a huge learning curve, I must admit, but it was worth it. I still got to finish off my 2nd assignment, though... Hopefully it will be over soon... then... its... HOLIDAY!!!! YAY!!!

Have a great holiday everyone!

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